Ask 2: Safe, direct walking & cycling routes

The motor traffic dominating many of Westminster's roads makes journeys on foot unpleasant, polluted and unsafe, and journeys by bike seem to be the reserve of the brave. We want walking and cycling to be the natural choice for short journeys in Westminster - and that means:

1) People need to feel safe walking across roads or riding a bike

2) People need routes that are direct and convenient.


"Car is king" on many of Westminster's streets, but the pedestrian should be at the top of the pecking order! We want:

  • Wider pavements
  • More pedestrian crossings, eg at junctions
  • Reduced waiting times at pedestrian crossings
  • "Continuous footways" at side roads to prioritise people crossing
  • Seating to allow walkers to rest.

More low traffic neighbourhoods and car-free streets in Westminster (Ask 1) will also add to a network of safe direct routes for walking.


Countless studies all over the world show that most ordinary people won't travel by bike if they don't feel safe, but in cycle-friendly cities, up to 40% of journeys can be cycled (2% is the UK average). In the Netherlands, 80% of secondary school students cycle to school.

There are plenty of adult men who brave Westminster's busy roads by bike - but if cycling were made safe and direct, we would see more women, children, the elderly and the disabled using bikes to get around.

To make cycling accessible for everyone, we want:

  • More low traffic routes and car-free streets
  • More protected bike lanes on main roads
  • More cycle crossings
  • More bike parking
  • Two-way cycling permitted and made safe on one-way streets.