Westminster Healthy Streets

Less traffic, clean air and safe active travel for everyone

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Our Asks

How can Westminster City Council make our streets healthier? Here are four asks which will reduce traffic and transform the borough...

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Westminster to re-open pedestrianised street to traffic

Should Westminster City Council reopen the west side of Grosvenor Square to motor traffic, turning the square into a roundabout? We don’t think so. Please join us in objecting!

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Westminster parents say pollution plans far too weak

Parents in Marylebone have teamed up with new campaign group Westminster Healthy Streets to tell Westminster City Council its air pollution plans aren’t ambitious enough.

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Tell Westminster: for cleaner air, we need less traffic

Westminster City Council is currently consulting on its Air Quality Action Plan. We believe the plan falls far short of the action required to make any meaningful difference to local air quality.

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School Streets

Does your child go to school in Westminster? Are you worried about air pollution and road danger on the way to school, or at the school gates? If you are, find out more about our campaign for school streets for children.

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