Ask 4: Turn car parking into spaces for people and greenery

Acres of public space are given over to parking in Westminster. Did you know...

  • There are 1.2 million controlled parking bays in London
  • They add up to 5,000 kilometres (the distance between London and New York)
  • Westminster alone has over 45,000 parked cars?*

Is this the best use of kerbside space on our streets? Or does it simply encourage short journeys by car, and leave less space for other, more people-friendly uses? Parked cars are also a risk - a pedestrian crossing from between them is less visible to drivers, especially if the pedestrian is a child, and a car  user opening their door without looking can knock a cyclist off their bike.

To transform our streets, we want to see a reduction in kerbside car parking, and the space used instead for:

  • Outdoor seating, and/or tables for cafes
  • Greenery, such as 'rain gardens', parklets or trees
  • Parking for bikes
  • Art, play, fun or something creative!

*Statistics from the Centre for London.