How would you change Westminster's streets for COVID-19?

We need your views!

Our streets have been hugely different over the last few weeks. Traffic has dropped dramatically and the number of people exercising on them increased. It's been particularly good to see families cycling together on main roads, something which would have been unthinkable only a few weeks ago - and to breathe cleaner air.

As lockdown eases, how can we keep our roads safe for walking and cycling, and traffic low? In many places the pavements are too narrow for people to stay apart without stepping into the road, and as traffic returns, the roads will feel hostile to cycling again.

We are asking Westminster City Council to make emergency changes as seen in other cities around the world and increasingly across London - widened pavements, pop-up bike lanes, traffic-free shopping streets. Please tell us about your area of Westminster: what changes are needed and where? What is working well? Add these to the map below, and we will pass them on to the council.

Update 28th May

Thank you for all your suggestions - we have collected over 1000 points. We have now submitted these to the council, and we have also passed each ward's suggestions to the relevant councillors.

You can see all of the points on the map below. We have also started to add some layers that try to provide a strategic view in support of the points. For example, many suggestions referred to closing roads to through traffic; a Low Traffic Neighbourhood can achieve this in a coherent manner across an area. Click the checkboxes to show these layers.