About us

We are a group of Westminster residents that want to see the borough's roads transformed into inviting areas that can be enjoyed rather than endured. Contact us at info@westminsterstreets.org.uk if you have any questions.

Andy Beverley


Andy has lived in Paddington since 2017 and works locally. Seeing what can be achieved in other cities of the world and other parts of London, he wants the streets of Westminster to be transformed into places where people live.

Clare Thomas


Clare has lived in Marylebone for 8 years and has two young children. She is keen to see local air quality improved and road traffic reduced in order to bring people out of their homes and allow local communities to flourish.

Sylvia Gauthereau


Sylvia discovered the horror of the school run traffic when her children started primary school. She campaigned for a solution ever since being convinced that there must be another way to ensure safe routes to school for children and for them to reclaim their lost independent mobility. Following her campaigning effort in setting up a School Streets scheme at her daughters' school, Sylvia created School Streets Initiative to help other parents on own their journey.

Helen Jones

Lancaster Gate

I've lived in Lancaster Gate ward for 15 years. I travel around central London on foot and by bike. I'm involved in WHS because I'd like Westminster streets to be much healthier for residents, workers, shoppers and tourists.

Suami Rocha

St John's Wood

Suami has lived in St. John's Wood since 2016 and his two children goes to nursery and school locally. He's passionate about streets being safe for children to Travel actively and independently. He's a Cycling Instructor working across London delivering Bikeabiliity, the National Standards of Cycling to children and adults, helping people of all ages to ride more confidently and safely.

Supporting organisations

We are supported in these aims by the following organisations:

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